massage in orange county

Massages in Orange County

The ancient art of profoundly relaxing your body and mind. Massage therapy has been proven to relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, release stress and even reduce anxiety and/or depression.

Our skilled therapists are trained and licensed in various massage techniques and are committed in making your massage experience relaxing and comfortable. We offer a range of different massage services and time duration: 30, 55 and 85 min.

All massages include a choice of Aroma Essential Oils: Orange, Lavender or Peppermint

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Massage ADD-ONs

Aroma-essential Paraffin treatment, Sugar Foot Scrub or Foot Reflexology make a perfect add-on to any massage treatment. Please consult with spa a coordinator for price and treatment length.



Soothing long strokes with relaxing aromatherapy coax the tension out of your muscle. You will feel a deep sense of calm and contentment. (For maximum pleasure, first relax and prepare your skin with a Sea Salt Body Glow.)

30 Minutes $ 65

55 Minutes $ 100  ($79 Member Price)

85 Minutes $ 140  ($115 Member Price)



This tension relieving massage of the scalp and neck uses warm, aromatherapy oils to stimulate your circulation and address head, spinal column and sacrum. It provides relief from migraine, headaches, sinus relief, neck and back pain. Your scalp will feel invigorated, relieved and light.

A wonderful addition to any spa treatment.

30 Minutes $ 60

45 Minutes $ 90 



Tension and stress block the flow of the body’s vital life force (chi). Deep pressure to specific trigger points relieves these blockages and allows your natural, healthful energy to flow. This treatment is energizing as well as relaxing.

30 Minutes $ 75

55 Minutes $ 115

85 Minutes $ 155



Massage Therapy directed to optimize athletic performance. Designed to enhance blood flow to muscles and tissues to be flushed and oxygenated, relaxes muscles to allow flexibility and increase joint movement, stimulate nerve function and increase stamina, prevent injury, reduce muscle spasm and soreness , increase heart rate, body awareness and respiratory preparedness. 

55 min $115

85 min $155



Experience the romance of our uniquely designed couple's massage room. You and your loved one will lie side-by-side and indulge in the soothing hands of our highly trained massage therapists, all the while reveling in the ambiance of our unique, candle-lit sanctuary for two. This romantic respite is sure to relax ... and inspire.

55 min Stress Relief Massage $210

85 min Stress Relief Massage $290



Deeply relaxing, therapeutic and soothing. Massage can help you avoid injury and improve your immune system. Relax as we relieve the stress in your legs, neck and back and help bring you a deep sense of inner peace.

30 Minutes $ 70

55 Minutes $ 110

85 Minutes $ 150



The Chinese believe that all the pathways of the body converge in the feet. This deep massage reestablishes the flow of energy leading to profound balance, relaxation and integration.

15 Minutes $ 35 (add-on service only)

30 Minutes $ 55

55 Minutes $ 95


SUGAR FOOT SCRUB $30 (20 min) 

Give your feet a break from running around and allow them to be pampered. Try our NEW Pink Grapefruit Sugar scrub & Foot Balm that Exfoliate Your feet and leave them nourished. Great add-on to any 55/85 min massage treatment.



The sprinkling of nine pure therapeutic-grade essential oils along the spine brings the body into structural and electrical alignment. Although the treatment lasts only 75 minutes, the essential oils of Young Living will continue to work in the body for five to seven days following treatment for optimal health and vitality. - BUY 5 GET 1 FREE ($135 savings)



This treatment combines massage with the placement of heated, smooth river stones on various parts of the body. The penetrating heat loosens muscles, decreases tension and is very comforting and relaxing (75 minutes).